jeans are more an essential than a trend piece. There is a perfect pair for everyone - it's just a case of finding a style that suits your shape. It's becoming easier now there are more leg varieties. Many women have tried to squeeze into jeans that are too tight, but they are something you should feel effortless in.

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The question of questions: What is the right jean? What is in almost every closet that I have opened it's jeans! The Best friend of every woman and man.It can be really a good friend, a compliment to any situation, or to be a wearing by default when we came to nothing else.

So what we need to know about this thing called jeans? Well, if you are one of the lucky ones that have the perfect body without wearing one... So needless to say, all compliments to you and you can stop reading now! But if you're not there, like most of us ... Keep reading

Jeans, Jeans, Jeans,

Let's start from the hardest part for me, personally with the - low rise jeans! Very difficult to find a woman who can go with the low rise jeans and show them good, and why? The low cut show all what we are trying to hide as "extra pounds" "tires" or whatever you call it. And who among us knows the feeling when you're sitting down and the best of your underwear starts peeking out. High rise jeans - Like everything happening in the world comes to the world late, thank goodness the high jeans will be here for a long time, and I hope to stay. All those who have some extra grams and it really does not matter how, high jeans pack up everything and will get you all the extra good packaging,

What's the problem? Higher than this vary in general definition: under the belly button? Above the belly button? The middle? What is considered high? And what is really right for me? So, long body ownership, I recommend high as possible - but it will extend your legs and give you a better perspective than Own a short body, just below the belly button will do the job you are not left only with legs. the base - I recommend the mid-cut, hold the right thing but notice the pockets in the middle, the look will be broad and triangular. Own a big chest - do not overdo with the height of the pants to not make the chest look like it sits on the jeans. Own protruding belly, when waist band is too high it can bring out the stomach, try different heights and you will find the most flattering height (for me it to his navel)

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Skinny jeans- Skinny jeans is a member of the low cut, problematic as it is he who is flattering is wonderful butt those who do not .... It's a natural Disaster!

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So all have hips, I'm really sorry But try to forget the pleasure, skinny is your enemy! It creates a sense of an inverted pyramid and highlights all what you want to blur! Asked where the chest area and very broad shoulders (inverted triangle) Beware of the garden, do your legs usually very nice ... but you can not ignore the rest of the body - when you wear a bottom close you emphasize the size of the upper part.

Straight jeans Straight cut jeans flatter all around! So if you do not get along with the previous jeans can sure go a straight cut relaxed jeans (falling straight at its widest point in the body) at the correct height and well appointed. What is certain is that there will always be in fashion!

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